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Our company’s management idea


Minds Internationaliza


Actions Efficient


Costs Meticulous


Development Sustainable


Benefits Long-term Mutually


The marketis the enterprise survival and the first guide, such as life, there must be a good character, only Germany first, life is real happy; also like work, must have the good thought, only had a good view of the pattern, will have a good career rack, can for the cause of the success of rebellion twice the result with half the effort effect; do business especially such, Qianyuan wind management team management market for decades, harvest and benefit also should be this: whenever, Qianyuan wind team will put the market in the first place, especially the new company in 2011the strategic direction of development of low cost high efficiency ( customers, long-term, stable international procurement management and marketing management center platform ) are made, the company's management is determined to make progress, promote reform to catch effect, the pattern of internationalization, management efficiency as the company's next stage of growth of two essential factors.

In more and more competitors, information is becoming more and more transparent in modern market economy, cost control is all enterprises pay more and more attention and pouring power management important link, including raw materials supplier to the end customer, and even some monopoly enterprises. Do fine refinement cost, by wind in the experience of forefathers and basis, in the market for many years, customers feel climb boil dozen, are accumulated and explore their own company's fine management method and train of thought. Qianyuan wind but also in the implementation of customers and long-term win-win goal to practice and perfect them, these valuable spiritual food will become Qianyuan International and her friends stand firmly and fight steadily, meet the greater success of the important magic weapon.

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